Limited Vinyl

 – The city of Bristol has undoubtedly a rich reggae heritage. The criminally neglected Talisman finally benefits of a long overdue release, collecting their first efforts plus a series of extra tracks. You’ll get their first two singles released on Recreational Records – Run Come Girl/Wicked Dem and Dole Age/Free Speech, both released in 1981 – plus a selection of five long lost contribution. Originally formed in 1977 as Revelation Rockers, a name they soon changed, Talisman were considered the top reggae act in town alongside local contemporaries Black Roots. The band – popular for their intense live shows – opened for such glorious and diverse acts as Burning Spear, The Clash and The Rolling Stones! This proper release on vinyl allows a new generation of fans to catch with their original style. Talisman certainly shows a different side of the UK reggae flourishing scene – think about Aswad, Steel Pulse and Misty In Roots – putting Bristol back on the map!

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