180 gr. Limited Vinyl -

First glance into Veronique’s voice and you’re under a spell she’s unaware of casting. Like hearing the magical sound of Ulysses’ sirens, you want to throw yourself into the deep blue waters of this record, its saucerful of secrets. Like finding the hidden doors into an ancient world made of court jesters, magic flutes, troubadours, and love potions, her delivery, both on the instrument and the singing, is of a beauty impossible to comprehend. Pointless of me trying to dissect every song or trying to draw the history of each and every poem or musical piece. This is an album that takes you on a supernatural journey to the discovery of ancient sounds that move our souls in the deepest of manners. All of this and more was how I felt back in the mid 90s, as a kid, when I first saw Veronique playing in a small club in Rome called Folkstudio. This record captures all the wondrous sensations I had seeing her perform, a life-changing experience. Bon Voyage, she’ll take you places.

EMMA TRICCA, April 2022

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