lantern rec

Italian reissue label specialising in post-punk, wave, neo-goth romanticism or the so called art rock laissez-faire, reggae and the industrial dub of some On U Sound alumni. All vinyl releases are limited, and legally licensed.


Welcome to the world of Bonfire Record, here you’ll find a comfortable place for some delightful and truly passionate album. Long lost but not forgotten some might say. The pure essence of acid folk, some brilliant choral pop, proto-prog eclecticism and even white man blues. Get ready to be surprised, release after release. Take your time for dreaming, this must be a beautiful place.


Soulgramma debuts with a series of majestic R&B albums and funk stomper, bringing you a whole new perspective on the black counterculture. Necessary hits from way back when and uncut gems, a definitive selection fully licensed and finely remastered from the source. Minnie Riperton, Betty Harris and more to come to be re- discovered. Soul food to go !


Limited Vinyl – Officially reissued on vinyl after more than 40 years the Ohio soul/funk band's fifth album, originally released in 1971 on Little Star records.

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lantern H

An off-shoot of the already established Lantern imprint, this brand new label is here to make history, once and forever. Focusing on several studio sessions or live recordings from major British cult figures, Lantern Heights is re-discovering the phenomenal talents of key jazz musicians and top composers like Neil Ardley and Mike Taylor, altogether with recently passed away folk-singer virtuoso Michael Chapman. All albums are fully licensed from the original owners.

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